December 30, 2011

Music Fix - "Christ Madonna"! Leaked Song Titles, Already!?!

Photo Courtesy Of  Philip Tetro's Fan Page strikes gold again! This time with a leaked song tracklist from Madonna's next album, which has a soon to be release date on the web! Now y'all know we threw her 'Back Into The Closet" for her nasty earache she gave us with the leaked version of "Gimme All Your Luv"(episode #023).  We were considering letting her out of the closet since our interview with 'Manila Luzon' (episode #025). Manila really advocated for Madonna's release, but after reading the names of these track titles and the response the UB article received on their Facebook fan page, its looking really grim.

Madonna maybe in need of some of your 'prayers' y'all! And quick before its released on the web! Here are the track titles:

1. Trust                                        [OFP: Passes]
2. Dangerous Faith                      [OFP: We've Seen That Before]
3. Sitting on the Whole World      [OFP: We've Seen That Before]
4. Turn Up the Radio                   [OFP: We've Seen That Before]
5. Waving with the Crowd           [OFP: IDK, Is it a funeral song?]
6. Suspended to the Light           [OFP: We've 'Never' That Before]
7. Gimme All Your Luvin’             [OFP: "Razor Blades In My Ears"]
8. Crossed Fingers                      [OFP: At This Rate, You Sure Need Them 'Madge']
9. Birthday Song                          [OFP: We've Seen That Before]
10. Reason & Passion                 [OFP: Passes]
11. Masterpiece                           [OFP: Oh Boy]
12. Solar Salvation                      [OFP: Uhm, Since When 'Madge' Is Into Sci-Fi?]
13. The Darkness Void               [OFP: "Void Of Darkness"?]
14. Revelation                             [OFP: Oh Nooo... :-( ]

Okay, now put your "Paws" up for  UB Facebook fan comments...

Read The UB Article >> Here
For UB's Facebook Fan Page >> Click Here


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