April 17, 2012

SciFi Fix - New @PrometheusMovie Trailer Sure To Rock Your 'Ship'!

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Greatly anticipated movie or 2012, 'Prometheus', a new film by creator and director of the blockbuster hit 'ALIEN' Ridley Scott, is bound to rock our "space ships" this summer! Recent 'Prometheus' trailers wreak of Ridley's previous 'ALIEN' movies. Leaving some of us, like myself wanting and longing for that first encounter with the life threatening and ugly Alien!

The recent trailer 'Happy Birthday David' is a cool marketing strategy and tie to the first A.I. robot crew member, of the first 'ALIEN' movie, called 'Bishop'. Also, another component that is tying 'Prometheus' to the ALIEN franchise is the EVIL corporation 'Weyland Enterprises'. Who has also appeared on TED Talks, set in the year 2023, a marketing ploy ofcourse. The makers of 'Prometheus' smartly and heavily advertising this movie. Here's a quote from the movie's website explaining the "prequel" scenario that Prometheus eludes too: 

"The inclusion of WEYLAND is a major focal point as it ties Alien and Prometheus together. It is the same company responsible for both expeditions, Prometheus and Nostromo. In an interview Ridley Scott identifies that this is the only tie between Alien and Prometheus - but up until that point, Mr. Scott himself had battled with the press to assure us that Prometheus was in fact NOT a direct prequel to ALIEN, but instead a stand-alone film." 

I just can't help to imagine, while anticipating the release of 'Prometheus', that this is a part of the continuum, thus a prequel. I sure would love a prequel that explains WTF they fooled and risked Sigourney Weaver's character 'Ripley' several times over in the face of those dangerous 'Aliens'. Anyone else feeling like that out there?

Start emerging yourself and living in the year 2023, check out Weyland Enterprises website!


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