November 4, 2011

Comic Fix - Fringe In DC Universe & Uncanny X-Men Rises From The Ashes

Okay, maybe while y'all all wait for Fringe episode "Novation" to "start" tonite, you may want to read a comic book? If you haven't heard, we caught wind from Joshua Jackson (a.k.a "Peter Bishop") spent his time after season 3 ended to write for the new digital "DC" comic book series "Fringe And Beyond".  First book available for download now, for only .99 cents? Gee, I remember non-digital comics being .65 cents when I was a kid.

Well if that weren't enough, as we stated in our "Gender Bender" episode of our podcast (#002), October 2011 was going to mark the end of the comic book line "Uncanny X-Men", well there was a twist to that story, now revealed. A new comic book line was installed recently to "reboot" Uncanny X-Men. The new comic book line is called "Uncanny X-Men: Regenesis #1", available somewhere?

We tried finding a place to buy the comic online but failed. As for the moment it seems you can only buy it at certain retail locations or through mail order. Though here's the new line's Marvel profile page if you find the exact online buying link please share it with us.

Marvel's website has come a long way from being cool, but it may just be too cool when you can't find what your are looking for.  :::Ouch:::


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