January 9, 2012

Season 2, Episode #029: Dickmatized

Oral Fix Podcast Hosts Drew & Henry are back with more 'gurl' talk, Tit 4 Tat, and the Main Drag. This week a review of the holidays, Drew 'connects' with XBox Kinect game Dance Central, meanwhile Henry gets visited by an old flame. Turn on the fun!

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry M. Diaz
Topic: Dickmatized

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Show Notes

Holiday Review:
Drew's XBox Kinnect Game: Dance Central 2
Henry's Feature Post of the song 'Boxer' by the band ""Lovers"
Henry's Firelog "Dildo"

Tit 4 Tat
Discussion Topic: "Would you squirt a gel up your butt before sex, to prevent HIV infection? "

Unicornbooty.com HIV Gel Article

Music Break: Jonny McGovern - Dickmatized

Main Drag: "Dickmatized"

"Dickmatized" Jonny McGovern's MusicVideo

Music Break: Larry Tee - Licky (Gus Duo Remix)

Good Byes

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Ending Music: Madonna - Erotica [Hip(Hop)notic-Trance Remix] By Piero973
Feature Piero973 Post


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