October 13, 2011

Fashion Fix - 'Gay Costume Wig' Can Be Yours

With Halloween just around the corner, we here at Oral Fix felt its our duty to help you with your costume ideas.      You now have to look no further; Amazon has listed a 'Gay Costume Wig' for sale on it's site. We never knew a wig could look 'Gay'. We know us gays can be at times obsessed with our hair, but who knew this wig is what people have in mind when it comes to "Gay Hair". The wig is one thing, but we are not sure why the model is touching his nipples and giving us his best "Zoolander" face.

With all the buzz the wig has gotten, Amazon has now changed the name to "Adult Star Costume Wig". I wonder if the wigs comes with cheesy porn music. Hmm...

So, if you are looking for a Halloween costume or see if you spice up your bedroom and role play, head over to www.Amazon.com and purchase the 'Adult Star Costume Wig'.


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