November 9, 2011

Full Moon Fix - "GorgeouSexyGuys"

Images & Links After The Jump
If you were able to read our post title correctly then you 'must' be Gay. Or have some interest in "GorgeouSexyGuys", right? We thought so...

We at the Oral Fix have been following "GorgeouSexyGuys" blog for weeks now and have come down on to several posts Oral Fix thought you'd be into. They were chosen not for their looks but their ability to charm us without touching us. Some deliver to the door, and others well...

Check'em out!

>>Albert Hollis

>>Anthony Kyle

>>David Costa

>>Evan Wadle

>>Forneus And Ryan

>>Jason Beam

>>Jason Borish

>>Porn Star: Marcus Mojo

>>Private Dancer

>>Ryan Barry

>>Yasiel Fleites

>>David McIntosh


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