January 8, 2012

Dating Fix - #SMH @Grindr Children Foolishness

I normally don't take screen shots of what I do online but this was too hard to resist and share with you all. Especially after finally witnessing the public humiliation that goes on Douchebagsofgrindr.com of "Gay" guys who humiliate other "Gay" guys. This type of conversation happens to me very little, as I don't frequent Grindr much. The app just takes too much space up on my EVO 4G's internal storage.

Anyways, whoever this was was trying, I think, to pretend to be 18 years old. If they were or weren't 18 years of age, I decided to be very bold and 'frank' as I could to wake this person out of their cyber reality!

This insistent behavior online befuddles me! Its simply a wast of time and its not even funny. It's very sad to say the least. The internet shouldn't be a "picture book", but seems more and more as I traverse the online dating realm that people just don't stop to read the profiles of those they contact. This conversation could've been totally avoided.

Click the images to enlarge. Let us know what you think, or feel free to express your experiences with online dating on any app or site.


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