January 8, 2012

Tech Fix - @Facebook & @Google What Are You Hiding From Us?

Videos After The Jump
We have been refraining for some time now from doing any technology related posts. Sure we could've done some gadget reviews and other commenting on holiday shopping. Well, as you know we had to do some of our  own and lately nothing really has caught our attention. Until now!

TED talks have been around for years now and they only keep getting better. Today we'd like to feature this talk posted a few days ago on what Facebook and Google and other news providers as well as search engines are doing to shape what we see on the web. According to the presenter, 'Eli Pariser', "algorythmic junkfood" is what we are being fed and the world as we know and communicate with will not be a 'truthful' one in years to come if change is not warranted. Eli spoke to a large audience in Long Beach California. To which high profiled social media companies where to witness his presentation. Such as Facebook and Google.

Cnet.com News

Its a new year for all, including the tech world! Our favorite 'gay' Cnet.com reporter Brian Cooley lets us in on his biggest 'Top 5' gadgets that 'sucked' in 2011; and lets us know what his predictions for 2012's CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Be sure to follow up with Molly Wood's first video of the year for her rants on the "Buzz Report"! Also, Molly's new pony tail and outfit kinda makes her look a bit like Anna Torv's character 'Olivia' from our favorite show "Fringe". Don't you think?

Really great stuff ahead folks!


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