January 7, 2012

#DragRace Fix - "This Country Was Founded By A Bunch Of Men Wearing Wigs!"

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Okay Y'all, ready for this one? Yes, Mizz Ru Paul is not running for President as you probably have heard. We really paid no mind to the stir 'Miss Thang' has been causing lately. We all know her "Drag Race" is gonna air soon, so this is a in efforts to drum up followers and extra ratings for the show. Right?!? Well, when Ru Paul starts to make the top of Yahoo.com's front page headlines you bettah start paying attention!

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In a whimsically written article on Yahoo.com today Ru Paul's "campaign" to correct an 'error' made when this photo went viral of a 2008 'Ron Paul' for President sign that was altered to say "Ru Paul for President". Ofcourse Ru Paul has been a show stopper while on her 'campaign'. The article is rather funny and a must read... here!

Furthermore, this campaign just smells of 'I do want to run for president'! As funny and staged its being rolled out to us. What would our country be like if Ru Paul was Prez?? Omg! Chrome and glitter accents everywhere in and outside the White House! Hot gorgeous secret service men! Oh my, and SCANDALOUS 'secret service' preformed by hers truly! Oh geez! We will refrain from posting any more on this "fantasy"... hmmm...

Our Supermodel began to gather supporters for her campaign via her social media connections before her campaign launched. The following photo was obtained from her Facebook 'Drag Race' fan page.

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Whatever the outcome maybe all we have to say to Mizz 'Ru Paul' is bitch "You Betta' WORK"!!! Below we have embedded a word game between Ru Paul and Yahoo with regards to the Presidential race.



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