December 1, 2012

DRAG FIX | 7" Dive Bomb #Professional @itsSHANGELA Turns It Out

Season 3 RuPaul's Drag Race nemesis 'Shangela' (a.k.a Laquifa) has grown through out the her time off the show and in-between the new episodes  Just a sprinkle. But as you will see in her latest catchy club/vogueing hit "Werquin' Girl" she's more than a has been. Taking some tips from old house tracks and owning up to her RuPaul's "Gurls" status, Shangela is the ranks of becoming a legend! Forget about an All-star! She's a 'professional'!

The voguing children will live for this video! I know I am. Hee, hee, hee... "Can we get an Amen up in here?"


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