November 15, 2011

Comics Fix - Illustrator "Aaron Diaz" Reboots Batman

Comic book Illustrator "Aaron Diaz" unleashed recently a concept he's been playing with to "reboot" the old storyline of the cape crusader we all know and love as "Batman". Along with his sidekicks of course. Aaron's concept introduces one new sidekick to the Batman's life. "Stephanie" daughter of the "Riddler". She kinda picks up where Robin left off after he "grew-up". Seems like she also takes over "Bat Girl's" old position in crime fighting. Barbara Gordon as we all know became a quadrapelijec later in the Batman storyline. She's introduced in this conceptual storyline as that same girl but as a techie, gadgets expert.

The concept is sure tantalize fans.  Though will it really be enough to bring it into reality? If not I'm sure we Gays will back Aaron's concept until its a reality. Right?

More images on this at Aaron's Blog


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