December 23, 2011

Fashion Fix - Andrej Pejic 'Fashion Magazine' Exclusive!

Video After The Jump
'Andrej Pejic' has been slated for 2012's Fashion Magazine exclusive as 'Model of the Moment'. Hmmm... well we all know since Oral Fix Podcast episode #002 than Andrej has been more than just that. Right? Well the cover certainly warrants several looks and "take me home with you"!


Also, was talking about an ad Andrej did for Neitherlands clothing company 'HEMA'. 'Pejic' sports a bra for women, and since he's advertising it, we are led to believe its for Transgender people as well? Right? wasn't overtly nasty towards 'Pejic'. But they certainly didn't give him any credit at the end either of 'their' story, either. Might as well have back slapped 'Pejic' for his talent and beauty.

Shows that really doesn't 'know' what men 'prefer' to look at these days. Oh, did they just miss-pronounce 'Pejic' name too???



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