December 23, 2011

Comic Fix - Ian McKellen (A.K.A Magneto) Wants Back Into The Closet

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We spotted a quote from 'Ian McKellen' on today. Where is the source from? We are trying still trying to determine that. But so far we think its a very honest retort and buzz worthy.

Ian is well known for his role of "Magneto" in in the X-Men live action movies, and most notebly for his role of "Gandalf" in the trilogy 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'The Hobbit'.

“I’ve had enough of being a gay icon! I’ve had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career’s taken off. I want a quiet life. I’m going back into the closet. But I can’t get back into the closet, because it’s absolutely jam-packed full of other actors.”
-Ian McKellen-

Now, we say "If only the rest of the 'X-Men' could as honest..." :-)


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