December 20, 2012

META FIX | Tarot Card Of The Day


There are many different Mayan calendars that are attributed to certain parts of life here on our Mother Earth. I follow and study the Tzolk'in long count calendar. Which to me functions to reveal the spiritual nature of things like the cycles of life. The card I pulled to day is "Kan", the 'Lizard' or 'Starseed'. In other calendars Kan is represented by a bamboo reef or a net.

Today's reading, you are the dreamer and you are the Starseed. We all may be endowed today with lots of creative thoughts and flights of "fancy". I say dream big! But keep yourself a bit grounded so you can avoid the "potholes". :)

Start planting seeds for the Spring now. In the winter time us American Indians use this time for introspection and dreaming. Part of that process about setting goals for ourselves. Goals/dreams to be realized by the Spring. 

Also, its all about putting on the finishing touches as well on projects, and seeds you've planted in the past that are coming into bloom. Christmas... what did you ask Santa to get you this year? LOL! All in all, its a good day to dream, create, maybe even play the lottery, or plan a winter vacation to some place warm where you can continue to dream and bask in the sun a bit.

If you are not already, wear anything with the color gold or golden yellow, canary yellow. Or surround yourself with these shades of yellow. Flowers, fabrics, furniture. Foods to can help with this color. Just enough to evoke the solar energy in your spirit and life. Happy dreaming and planting everyone!!

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