December 20, 2012

UPDATE FIX | Ep. 056: Go Ask Alice & Chit 4 Chat W/ @BruceLHart From @ODNTTheSeries

Bruce L. Hart

It was a long and dreadful move from my home of 11 years. I am still situating myself in my new home. As you could probably imagine, I'm living out of boxes at the moment. So down to business. The overdue episode of the Oral Fix Podcast is coming soon. It will feature a 'Go Ask Alice' segment and a 'Chit 4 Chat'. Who do I have lined up for for a Chit 4 Chat, you ask? Well it's the beautiful and very funny "Bruce L. Hart". Notoriously known as "Nelson Van Eddy" on the web series "Old Dogs & New Tricks".

Check out some Bruce's acting roles in the videos below. One of the videos is an episode from Old Dogs & New Tricks, and the vid is a compilation of his works that he's done in Gay Indie films. More to come, stay tuned!

For more listen to previous blog posts and podcast interviews with the cast of 'Old Dogs & New Tricks' click here!


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