November 8, 2011

TV Fix - 'Glee' Sex Episode

Its no surprise that the Parent Television Council is upset over the recent "Glee" episode, which was all about "The First Time" between characters Finn and Rachel as well the gay couple "Kurt and Blaine". Growing up, all we had were bad after school specials that were afraid to push boundaries. Let's face it Glee discussing sex is not going to make teenagers everywhere start humping each other. I mean the MTV show "16 and Pregnant" is on Television for a reason; teens are already having sex.

We watched the episode and wished we had young gay love depicted in a sweet and honest way as this one did when we were growing up. Kudos to Glee, and creator Ryan Murphy for delivering an episode that showcased gays in a good way instead of some raunchy stereotype. In case you missed the episode, here is a sneak peek it does do the whole episode justice, but here you go.


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