October 5, 2011

Tech Fix - Apple's iPhone 4S "DISAPPOINTMENT"!

Video After The Jump
I must say that despite the rumors that made most of us "expect" more out of the newest iPhone, not to mention EXPENSIVE (compared to Android devices), Apple left me feeling very DISAPPOINTED! Did someone stamp your forhead with a SUCKER stamp too!? I'm sorry... well as you can see in the video below the audience at the latest Apple keynote didn't sound very enthusiastic as usual.

Hmmm.... Apple are you holding out for after Christmas to WOW us?!? Or just waiting for the economy to plunder just a little bit more and till Android takes over? Or is it that you are very confident that your next and latest gadgets would be worthy of $300 per 8GB iPhone 5 devices that you should have released today?!?!

Yes, I am frustrated, DISAPPOINTED, and irritated! Well my next upgrade will definitely be to an Android device with a dual core processor, BIGGER SCREEN, better battery life and storage space for less the money than what Apple wants for their new iPhone 4S 16GB or even 8GB device! Not even that pitiful (but seems kinda solid and slick) "Siri" app that pretends to be A.I. software in that dumb-ass new iPhone '4S' is not going to make me look back and say "I should have upgraded to iPhone 4S"! NEVER!!

See ya Apple! 



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