December 20, 2012

MUSIC FIX | @CheyenneJackson Scruffy Enough For Yah?! #DontWannaKnow #Grrr

In this day and age where polish and fresh is not so much the "pate" of every Gay man's desires. There is the hairy or scruffy and the beautiful! Cheyenne really gives us SCRUFF in this video, minus the hairy chest. Those blue eyes and chisel jawline accompanied by a gorgeous voice and range will might just make you hunger for more. Well that was the case for me.

"Broadway style", as Cheyenne is known for, gives us just that in this new video for "Don't Wanna Know". Dancing girls (not Drag Queens) and 'hot' boys fill the back drop as they accompany Cheyenne as he sings about his wounded heart. Ex-boyfriend stuff. Watch out for 1:54 for the hot rump action!! WHOA! The video in its entirety is sweet, sexy, and hmm... how should I say, a Gay/Bi's dream video?

I like the song and his voice, and those blue eyes! Garr-grr-gar-garrrr!



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