February 5, 2013

ORAL FIX | Rest In Peace @ArpadMiklos

Porn Actor Arpad Miklos, Imgae Credit: www.arpadmiklos.net

At the end of my day today it I had to swallow a "hard pill" of news. One of my favorite porn Daddy actor's Arpad Miklos was found dead in his New York apartment on February 3rd, 2013.
Apparently it was a suicide. As much as I wanted to hear that it wasn't a suicide, it was hard think that a loved person like himself would go down a dark and lonely path. From my reading and following his work online, Arpad was loved by many fans as a porn icon, but even more so for a 'person' within the LGBTQ community. Arpad was described as very active member and participant in the community.

One of my favorite works by Perfume Genius featured Arpad at his best in this formerly banned YouTube video:

For more details, read the HuffingtonPost article. Rest in peace, Arpad (a.k.a "Peter Kozma") you will never be forgotten.

Arpad Miklos, by Artist Kenneth E. Nation


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