March 23, 2012

#FRINGE Fix - @FringeonFox 'A Short Story About Love' Episode #415

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Okay, Henry here, and this episode should be named 'THE LONG RETURN HOME'... okay, I haven't seen episode #415 "A Short Story About Love", tonite's episode of Fringe.  But I am just a Sci-Fi fan tired of being jerked around. True, now we'll have 8 new episodes "back to back". Unless Fox Broadcasting decides to do another "switch-a-roo" like they did during the World Series last year... SMH. Drew and I are hopeful for a season 5 to wrap things up in a SATISFYING and FRINGE way! Not coated with molasses... 

And stop sending Peter and Olivia to my dreams to do your "keep the faith" dirty work.  Bad enough I am highly attracted to Joshua Jackson (a.k.a. Peter Bishop), but elusively you sent 'Peter' to my dreams. To make love to me, while Fringe is on a 3 week hiatus. Poor Olivia, I couldn't face her in the following dream where she appeared to me. SMH. For Pete's sake, we are FANS, treat us as such! Please. (Catch episode #038 & #039 of our podcast for the dreamy details)

So the the writers and producers were behind the last eight episodes of season 4 which means this will be worth the wait! (Want some spoilers? Click Here) Lots of answers to our longing questions since season 1. And will 'Olivia' finally have some peace and love for her heart? Without the 'Grim Reaper' shadow about...  Some people like Fringenuity wants us to Twitter during tonite's episode. Hmmm... okay, maybe during commercial breaks. They want us to generate enough buzz and traffic on Twitter in order to save Fringe from cancellation. Read more about it here. Need more info on Fringe the TV show? Go here.

Interesting enough, the Fringe team at Fox put together some great trailers, and the writers and producers 'Jeff Pinker and J.H. Wyman' give us some elusive sense of hope for a fifth season. Which I have posted below. Make sure you guys, if you haven't seen them, watch all 4 teasing trailers for tonites episode. They are pretty cool. And, oh, I feel so dirty that I slept with Peter in my dream two weeks ago. How will I tell Olivia this? :(

Pass that bowl of 'extra butter' popcorn, please. Fringe on Fox, Fridays 9/8C pm
Btw, there's always 3.4 million followers on Facebook, and tons of goodies too.

UPDATE: Even The Huffington Post is getting in on the FRINGE ACTION!

Catch the full interview with the writers and producers.


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