March 23, 2012

Orally Endorsed - Ten Things We Love 'March Edition'

Drew's Picks

Check out and support our friend Adam Mugavero eyewear collection made entirely from wood. We noticed Adam wearing his own cool design and we instantly became fans. Adam is still in the process of launching his line but we are sure its going to a success. Check out his website here and be the first to wear his cool styles.

After watching Mike Haderas a.k.a Perfume Genius video for his single 'Hood' featuring porn star Arpad Miklos, we became fans of the Seattle-based singer. We love his new album 'Put Your Back N 2 It' which is filled piano ballads that deal with topics of addiction, abuse, and struggling with his own sexuality. We strongly recommend you head over to or iTunes and buy this album.

The new pocket sized Sony Bloogie Live with built in Wi-Fi high definition camera that uses Skype to share videos with your friends and family. The model also comes in  waterproof and shockproof model called Bloogie Sport for shooting underwater. Prices range for both cameras between $180-$250 dollars. For more information on the Bloggie and all Sony product visit

We love Malin + Goetz products. The gay duo have been around for awhile. If you are not familiar with their products; you need to be. We are big fans of their refreshing eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing citronellyl to help keep you so fresh and clean for 24 hours, and is perfect for all skin types. Check out all of their great products here

Gap has been able to keep up with the times and has struggled a bit, but you cannot deny that a pair of Gap pants or denim will last you a lifetime. This Spring add a little color to your wardrobe with a pair of Gap khaki's and be bold this Spring. Visit for more information. 

Henry's Picks

What seems to be a sheath for pleasurable masturbation, is also used as a penis extender... Fat Boy Cock Sheath.  Lately, for some reason or another Fort Troff has been advertising some great products that my "lazy" mouse just tends  to click on now and then. This time, my attention has been fascinated with to trying this wonderful and pleasurable product. Easy to use and seems very comfortable. Along with some nice desensitizing cream that Fort Troff sells, I'm sure you'll be in self-pleasing heaven, as I will be! Head-on over to their website and let their 'hot' video tutorials show you the way! :)

Well since our podcast episode #038, and the discovery on gay-sexy-gamer podcast Silly Frags... my interest in Mass Effect 3 has grown! Tremendously! Wait, please don't tell me how it ends! I don't care! I just want to see these to studs fight aliens, save the Earth, and make love! Really, I do! I've been obsessed, scouring YouTube for videos on Gay related scenes posted by 'gay' and non-gay gamers. 

The people over at Bioware were very smart in making this trilogy Gay & Lesbian friendly. A select number of characters have options to be configured to be played as Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian and inter-species compatible. *WOOF* Hmm... now do I want my M.E. 3 on a Playstation 3, XBox, Xbox w/Kinect, or just for the PC? Wow! Choices, choices, choices!

According to Bioware, they recommend Kinect  for the best experience and response. You control most of the action with voice commands. I bet, its especially useful when making love, lol! Imagine that! Head-on over to Bioware for Mass Effect 3.

Ever since NASA, yes that's right National Aeronautics and Space Adminisration, did a promo for 'Angry Birds Space', I've been awaiting its arrival! And its here! For download on all devices! Even on Facebook! Wait, is FB a device? Hmm... I think you can play it on Chrome, the web browser too. Get all the details at

As you all know, from our last two podcast episodes, Fringe characters have been haunting me in my dreams as of late. One in particular 'Peter' (Joshua Jackson). I feel I've grown very attached to the story of Fringe and its characters. More so, their actors too. Very well acted and written Sci-Fi. Thank the Gods this show didn't land on the SyFy channel! They would've shown it no mercy, I believe.

I made up my mind and decided when its all over I would love to own all 4 and possibly five seasons of Fringe! And more if it goes that far. *Sigh* Get all three seasons at Warner Brothers.

The latest rash of of Andrew Christian underwear videos have left me hungry and weak in my wallet. I have a need for designer underwear. No really! I'm a sucker for good looking male, manicured, bodies and handsome bulges! Rather, hefty bulges! I spent about an hour on The site seemed like it was having bandwidth issues. I bet its because they are being bombard by hungry underwear fetish freaks, like me.  So I fell in love with a black pair of his 'Airsculpt' briefs. Sporty, sexy, and so butch! Check 'em out here! Also, I found some other stuff too. Check out my wish list too! :-)

Oh, and if you want to see the uncut... *ahem, I mean uncensored videos click here! :^)


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