March 19, 2012

Episode #039: Anime Gays, Comic Book Queers

Tyler Clementi
This week's episode is dedicated to the memory of 'Tyler Clementi'.  Also, find out the truth! Is Drew secretly in 'love' with co-host Henry M. Diaz? Did Dharun Ravi get away with murder? The Main Drag goes face to face with Gays in Anime and Comic Books; and WTF confronts the anti-Gay/KONY 2012 movement, and much more! Fasten your seat belts its going to be a bumpy ride!

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry M. Diaz

Show Notes

Weekly Review
  • Spring
  • Dating and Sexing Young Guys
  • Pity Fucks
  • Henry's Fringe Dream Feat. 'Anna Torv'

Tit-4-Tat "Tyler Clementi Vs. Dharun Ravi Trial" 

Pink News Article On Dharun Ravi's Verdict
CNN Coverage Link 1 (Videos)
CNN Coverage Link 2 (Articles &Videos) Article
Towleroad Article Referencing CNN Coverage
Hedda Lettuce Vlog Response

In Honor Of Tyler Clementi Facebook Fan Page

Music Break 1:

Chit 4 Chat w/ 'Anime Gays, Comic Book Queers'

Gay Gaming Scene: 'M.E. 3: Shepard & Kaidan' Full Romance
Gay Gaming Scenes: 'Dragon Age'
Gay Gaming Scenes: 'Skrym'
He-Man Gay Spoofs Video 1
He-Man Gay Spoofs Video 2
Jizz (Jem Spoof): "Kimber Is A Dirty Lezzie"
Gay Batman Terrorizes Gotham Episode
Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

Music Break 2:

WTF??? 'Anti-Gay / Anti-KONY 2012' 
The KONY 2012 Youtube Video
Invisible Children Anti-Gay Christian Funders Link 1
Invisible Children Anti-Gay Christian Funders Link 2
Ugandan Girl's Vlog Response
Huffington Post Coverage On Jason Russell's Arrest
Will Wheaton's Opinion On Invisible Children

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Ending Music: Trannies Are Fierce by Alaska ThunderFuck


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