March 8, 2012

Fashion Fix - #Mantyhose For Men

It seems that not only do we have make-up products for men as we dicussed on our podcast, but now we can add Mantyhose to our list. According to Italian designer Emilio Cavallini,  a growing number of men are buying tights, and he seen a rise in sales. Men are wearing tights/hosiery under pants for warmth and some daring men are paring it with shorts to make a fashion statement.

The line between what is strictly for men or woman has truly become blurred. We like the fact the we as men both gay and straight are redefining the definition of masculinity. We are not sure if we will be running out to purchase a pair of Mantyhose but we are happy that we now have the option. Will you be running out to buy a pair??

Checkout for the guide to wearing men's hoisery.


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