November 16, 2011

Music Fix - Watch Out, iTunes!! There Is A New Kid On The Block

On its quest of world dominance, Google is launching their own music store called "Music Beta"; in addition, to allowing you to purchase music, the new service offers free storage for 20,000 digital music files and synchronization between mobile devices and PCs.

iTunes might not have to worry just yet. According to reports, not all major record labels have signed on. Google's deal with Universal Music Group is almost final, but Warner and Sony Music Groups have yet to sign on the dotted line. As of now, EMI, and the Merlin Network, are the only two on board. The problem here is that Google Music Beta doesn't allow at the moment downloading of your songs, just streaming. The Music Beta store has yet to disclose if it will allow downloading of the songs after purchase.

That maybe the reason why other music labels aren't signing on as quickly. This can be a problem with Google's Music Beta being able to compete with iTunes. Customers will be upset if they cannot download songs from their favorite artist, and will stick with Amazon and iTunes to get their tunes. Only time will tell.

The announcement is set to happen on today, Wednesday, November 16th, so we have to wait and see after the press conference.


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