November 1, 2011

Tech Fix - Bill Gates 'Goof-Up' & Top 5: Things We Want In iPhone 5

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While we miss Natalie Del Conte as the main reporter for Cnet's "Loaded", we do LOVE the new 'gal' Bridget Carey. She's fun! Okay, now to the news... remember the tablet called "Courier" from Microsoft that twas suppose to be dual screen and with a functioning pen?? The most talked about tablet in the industry before iPad made its debut. Well as Cnet reports today, it was Bill Gates fault for the device not getting out into the market in time. Yeah, another Microsoft faul up!

Read more about the story and possible return of the device here.

'Queer' Brian Cooley(did we say geeky-cute?) serves up the "Top 5" things we want in iPhone 5. We agree with Brian Cooley and Cnet... the current iPhone's screen is just plain "DINKY"! Do we agree?? We at Oral Fix do! :^)


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