November 1, 2011

Sci-Fi - Sanctuary The Musical Episode & "Nikola Tesla" Is Back!

First of all, Drew and I are shocked to see that Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss has topped Carlos Masi and Carmen Carrera for two days so far. And that two out of three posts on Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss is reigning #1 and #2. Yes Dr. Magnus does deserve it! Onward...

It was sort of a Bollywood-esque three part triology titled "Kali" that made the third season of Sanctuary sizzle! With a giant Abnormal called "Big Bertha" being hunted down and in return she is threatened the human existence. This captivated us all and begged for more from the show. News sources say, well according to these interviews with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne we are posting here are saying... we should expect soon a musical episode! I guess sorta like what Fringe did in season 2 in episode "Brown Betty". Don't know about you but I'm sure it will be good and geeky sexy if Sanctuary does it!

Further more, our beloved and highly anticipated character "Dr. Nikola Tesla" will be joining Sanctuary season 4 this Friday, 10E/9C PM on Syfy. Nikola is known for his genius rude behavior, bisexual appetite, and his lust for technology!


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