January 16, 2012

Music Fix - Interview With @Eatliz

After our first post on the art-rock band Eatliz, who hails from Tel Aviv, We not only became fans but friends with the band as well. We jumped at the chance to interview the innovative rock band and they agreed. Check out the interview and get to know the internationally awarded Eatliz a little better.

1. What is the meaning behind your name?
It has several meanings; In Hebrew it means Butcher shop and in English, besides the naughty interpretation it refers to Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins.

2. Who would you love to collaborate with?
Guy is driven by a killer drum beats that can inspire him to write songs, so it would be interesting me to get into the studio with Simone Pace the drummer of Blonde Redhead and with Britt Walford, the drummer of Slint, who also was the drummer of the Breeders debut album 'Pod'.

3. What inspires you?
Music and dreams. Discovering new music, even if its random piece of music in a bar, can catch the ear and give the drive to write something new. Guy sometimes hear and make up songs while he's dreaming. Only when he wakes up he realizes he heard a song which doesn't exist. Unfortunately he doesn't remember the music, but it inspires him to write.

4. How would you best describe your music?
One critic once wrote that we sound like if Mr. Bungle and The Cardigans would jam together. To narrow it down to three words let's say it's schizophrenic art rock.

5. Tell us about your first live performance and how has your live show changed since then?
First show.... that must have been somewhere around 2002... Since then we saw a lot of changes in the lineup, so the energy and the vibe of the shows evolved in all those years. In the recent years we treat the stage as a playground, something we have live animation and surreal video art, sometimes we do a classical-acoustic show and sometimes we even performed in a cinematic style in a movie theater with this giant screen behind us.

6. How does being from Israel influence your music?
Israel is a melting pot of ethnic groups and cultures and it's really in the air. When you go to the market or even just walking in the streets you hear different styles of music that eventually will find it influencing your creation. We all live in Tel Aviv, and you could say that as the city, Eatliz music is very unstable, eclectic, upbeat and intense.

7. What would be your theme song?
Radiohead’s "There There"

8. How did the idea of using animation for your videos come about?
Guy is a 3D animator and director so he is the mastermind behind Eatliz art work and animation music videos. He has this vision for Eatliz to be combined with fantasy. Two of our animation music videos (Attractive and "Lose this Child") were directed by Yuval & Merav Nathan, who Guy met a couple of years ago in an animation studio they worked together. They started working on Attractive as their first music video project and we all loved the idea.

9. What do you want people to get from your music?
Inspiration and the urge to get up and make music by themselves.

10. What has been one of your proudest moments so far?
Getting the award from Spike Lee at Tribeca film festival is definitely one of the highlights. What started in online voting ended up in a fancy dress code event on the other side of the world.

11. What's in store for Eatliz in 2012?
We are really excited to have our debut tour in China this march. We will play in Beijing, Shanghai and several other cities and we can't wait! Later we will play summer festivals in Europe. Currently we are working on our next album, and planning to release a new album with classical arrangements for our songs.

For more information on the band visit their website here: http://www.eatliz.com/


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