January 16, 2012

Heels Fix - @KazakyOfficial New Video 'Dance And Change'

Your Heels Are Waiting For You After The Jump
Recording and dance artist group 'Kazaky' kicked off 2012 with a new video titled 'Dance And Change'.  As you may know, Kazaky hasn't produced a video in a while. Probably due to the touring and fashion shows they've been performing for as of the last few years. These girls are not messin' with us for 2012.

This video is  loaded with a bunch of sexy Hi-Def special effects, heels, sweat, and moves to take you throughout the year. With all the neon in this video, its too much of a coincidence to not say that it has been influenced by the Walt Disney movies 'Tron' 1 & 2. But the music, as always fierce! Using old style break beats, reminiscent of 'Paris Is Burning' days. The group pays heavy tribute to the the art of Vogueing in their dance moves as well.

From beginning to the ed of the video I wondered if our Drag Diva 'Uriel Yekutiel' choreographed this video. These girls had some killer moves that only a Diva like 'Uriel' could perform on heels! Pay attention Gurls! Class is now in session!!


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