December 29, 2011

Music Fix - "YO-HO SEBASTIAN!" 'Gay Pirates' Cosmo Jarvis

Video After The Jump 'Matey'
What's there not to love about hot Gay Pirates who love to kiss and have sex with each other??? We ran into Australian singer/composer Cosmo Jarvis' Gay Pirates several weeks ago on a Tumblr post. We couldn't find any free downloads for you all, but we believe in supporting the artist. There is a 'buy' link on the Soundcloud player we have embedded for the song 'Gay Pirates'. The track is worthy of your purchase! Especially with puns and satire about love/sex between men and the oppression they face. Much more interesting it was written as a commentary on the sexual abuse within the Catholic church. The video does justice to the song and the gay community in general.

We are in love with Cosmo! How could you not like these lyrics "And I hope they didn't tie up your hands as hard as they did mine..."; "Yo-ho Sebastian, I want to love you good."; and "We deserve much better than what we've had."? We may even have him in our podcast next season! "Yo-ho Sebastian!"


Gay Pirates by CosmoJarvis

Radio show interview and review of 'Cosmo Jarvis' worthy listening.

Cosmo on Triple J by CosmoJarvis

The Guardian Music Weekly Discuss Cosmo by CosmoJarvis


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