August 18, 2011

Drag Fix - "Uriel Yekutiel" Promoter And Performer For "Arisa" Middle Eastern Parties

Videos After The Jump

You may remember him from The Young Professionals's "D.I.S.C.O." video
which we featured last month. "Uriel Yekutiel" is becoming a Trans-Continental celebrity in the underground music and club scene. Now Uriel is rising with a growing popularity on Youtube through video promotions for Israeli club night party "Arisa". Arisa is going on a world tour this year and really hitting heavily with chique video's.

Watch our favorites of Mizz Yekutiel and her Israeli hunk co-star"Eliad Cohen" spice it up Middle Eastern style.

Make sure you have a iced drink handy to cool you off while you are at it... Need we say more...? Enjoy!


  1. This is sooo funny! He's kinda hot! I wish they had those parties here in the US!

  2. He's kind of like a Charlie Chaplin, but in color and a bit more darker. lol

  3. They look Arabic not Jewish... What are they? Eliad is a HUNK! I think I seen him on a Spanish show.

  4. Any naked pics?


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