December 18, 2012

META FIX | Tarot Card Of The Day


I read with a deck based on the Mayan Calendar, most of the time. I have been studying it for 14 years now. Kin to my Taino/Arawak ancestors, the Maya have very similar culture, spiritual and lingual aspects that I can grasp. I read very well with them, and in turn with the querent. As so is our message today.

This card is represented by 3 dots and two bars, in Maya it is the symbol for the number 13. To them there are thirteen steps in the universe. The 7th brings us to "Heaven". This number also lends itself to 13 phases of the moon, which we are all affected by. When ever this card arises in any reading its a positive affirmation that we are on the road to success.

Today, look for the opportunities presented to you at hand for success! Go with the the universal flow of life. If you fall into a rut, pick yourself out of it and keep going. A certain surprise awaits for your that will benefit your highest self or well being. Could it be abundance of money or spiritual transformation? Be still and don't miss the opportunity.

Perhaps for some of you you will not have to follow my advice. With this influence you may just have it brought to your door step. In any case, just thank the universe or your higher power before and after. :)

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