April 24, 2012

#DragRace Fix - @RuPaul Is Labeled Shady & @PhiPhiOhara Receives An Apology

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So, we all were waiting last night for 'SHARON NEEDLES' or 'Chad Michaels' to be crowned, right?!? Well, if you didn't watch it then I don't want to spoil it 'all' for you, if someone else like my friend 'MATT' didn't spoil it for you already.  RuPaul, decided to postpone the announcement of the next Drag Superstar till next Monday! Which is why people on Facebook started to call her 'Shady'...? Ouch, well its her show she can break the rules if she wants to, right? 

Everything is postpone till LogoTV airs the 'reunion'/Jerry Springer vs. Oprah episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. Also, the twist, she's leaving the final vote to the viewers, so between now till next Monday tweet RuPaul with your vote: @RuPaulsDragRace #DragRace!

Well, this was a bit disappointing, since I was looking forward to the reunion episode to be all about why 'William' got kicked off the show, and more Phi Phi O'Hara bashing. But, since watching this latest episode I have had a change of heart towards Phi Phi O'Hara. After the girls had their 101 time with RuPaul, they all did some deep reflection... though I don't know if Phi Phi did or saw what was coming afterwards. 

So, Chad Michaels really showed us vulnerability and humility that most Drag Queens don't show, rather most LGBTQ people since this is part of most of our upbringing in this Homophobic world. Chad Michaels apology to Phi Phi brought tears to my eyes and made me realize that I really can't judge her either for her insensitive comments and shady deeds towards the other girls, just because she's '27' years old.

Hmmm... doesn't make sense, but yes Phi Phi deserves love and she does deserve to enjoy her life and the 'mistakes' she makes in her life, just like the rest of us, Humans. I hope Phi Phi matures from this moment and heals from the pain she carries inside. I like Phi Phi O'Hara, but I still want SHARON NEEDLES to win! Make sure you tell RuPaul who you want to win on Twitter @RuPaulsDragRace #DragRace!

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