May 11, 2012

WebSeries Fix - Old Dogs New Tricks Gearing Up 2nd Second Season @ODNTTheSeries

Cast(L-R):  (David Pevsner (Ross), Jeffrey Patrick Olsen (Al/Muscles),
Leon Acor(Nathan), Curt Bonnem (Brad)
It's been a while since I wrote anything on these guys, rather anything at all. As you know 'Oral Fix' has be undergoing some upgrades and changes. My last review was of Old Dogs & New Trick's season finale episode, "Strange Bedfellows". It left most fans either wet in their briefs or 'panties'. I recently sat down with Creator/Writer/Producer and actor of the show 'Leon Acord'. Yes, Leon is going to be featured on the podcast for some 'Chit 4 Chat' this Sunday. I got to know him better and go the scoop(s) on all the new 'dramedy' for season 2!

I swore to secrecy after the recording not to reveal anything Leon uttered to me about special 'guest appearances'! BOW-WOW is all I can say!!! I won't give you all of the "Chit 4 Chat" we had. But, I will mention that LogoTV's popular show "Noah's Arch" actor 'Dough Spearman' ("Chance") will be a regular on season 2 of ODNT. Which, by the way, season 2 is going to start production this summer! YAY!! Hopefully by late summer or early fall our Youtube 'Queer' world will light up again! 

Dough Spearman, fomer star of Noah's Arc
In the meantime, the producers of the show have been asking for fan support. They started an fundraiser, and are asking for financial assistance as well as PR support. Sharing their season 1 episodes on other social networks with family and friends. Quality work depends greatly on kind support of fans. Speaking of fans, Leon made me away that their show is follow not only by Queers, but also by hetero sexual woman.

Producers are also scheduling online 'live' streaming of interactive interviews between fans and cast members. Tonight 'Jefferey Patrick Olsen' will be on U-Stream. The even will start 8pm PST. I will be there, come and join us!  Hopefully I'll be the 'first' to ask 'Jeffrey' what it was like to do the sex scenes with 'Thom Bierdz' former veteran actor of the legendary soap opera 'The Young & The Restless'. 

Top: Thom Bierdz (Bobby), Bottom Patrick Jeffrey Olsen (Muscles)
'Thom Bierdz' (bow-wow) not only has charisma on the camera, but along with 'Jeffrey', a body to die for! Both actors 'play' well with each other on screen and just a hot and odd couple of versatile men who are attracted to each other who find it hard to 'top' each other. Thom's character "Bobby" will be back for season 2 (YAY!) and with some unexpected twists and turns in his relations with 'Muscles' (Jeffrey Patrick Olsen).

If you haven't watch any of the episodes yet visit their website for all the fun you missed:

Join the U-Stream live chat tonight 8pm PST, here!


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