January 20, 2012

#Game FIx - @AngryBirds 'Year Of The Dragon' @RovioHQ

Video After The Jump
You can't keep these birds down! Angry Birds have come a long way since there debut on smartphones, to web browsers and now game consoles! This franchise keeps getting bigger and bigger, and better! In efforts to keep it an ongoing good thing like 'Super Mario Bros' (oh God its still going). 'Year Of The Dragon' is another version added to the line of other themed variations of Angry Birds 'Seasons'. This year in the Chinese calendar marks the year as 'Year of The Dragon'. So dubbed Rovio this new themed version of their game.

Rovio really should make a web series of their animations for the game. They are very funny. In a 'Ren & Stimpy' kinda way...


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