February 3, 2012

Music Fix - M.I.A. New Video Release 'Bad Girls' @MIAuniverse

Video After The Jump
Hmmm... M.D.N.A. and M.I.A.... video releases the back to back??? Well, at least, *ahem* this one is much more entertaining and *uhm* different. I felt like this is what I wanted to see more in Madonna's 'Gimme All Your Love', but I couldn't see because Madonna was being her 'Leo' attention whore-self.

This could be the next best video to 'Paper Planes'! M.I.A. teams up music video channel 'Noisey' to help launch their Youtube and we are guessing new album? Hmmm... I love how M.I.A. is all ghetto in the desert, especially when her 'chain' is 'bouncin' on her chest. As she files her nails while the car is driving 60 mph on its side, on two wheels. Need I say more?!?



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