February 4, 2012

App Fix - Android Phone Camera Users Rejoice? MAGIX MX Is Here!

Video After The Jump
If you are like me, you are constantly searching for the 'perfect' camera app to make your Android smartphone camera produce quality photos to match those of regular point and shoot cameras. I have about 10 camera apps on my EVO 4G, and I've narrowed it down to my favorite top 3 camera apps!

My top choice as of late are the 'Camera Zoom FX', just because its zippy and it has zero shutter and processing lag after taking a well detailed photo; it's auto focus is fast and does great under low lighting conditions; and it has great presets for applying filters to your photos. There's a free version, but its worth the money to get the paid version! My second reliable camera app would be 'Pixlr-o-matic'. Its fast, love the interface and has tons of great filters and borders, perhaps too many. Bonus, its a free app!

My third top reliable camera app is 'Snaptastic'. It has impressive editing capabilities and lets users customize number of filter presets. The downside to the app, it crashes after taking and editing one superfine photo. The app has a major bug that is yet to be fixed since I purchased it back in September 2011. I LOVE this app's interface and features. It would've been my number one it weren't for the reliability issue. Even worse, maybe I shouldn't say this, but the paid $4.99 version also has this bug too! I wrote to the software developers about it and have not yet received a response. *Frown*

Well... I haven't tested this new "Magix MX" app. I found a write up on it on Androidcenteral.com and viewed the video and I was very impressed! I even was ready to put money down. But apparently its FREE!!! OH BOY! When I watched the video I immediately fell in love the GUI(graphic user interface), and the ability it had to add filters to the photos in realtime! I finally saw hope for Android smartphones! Maybe I won't buy that iPhone 5 after all! Its just a shame that apps for Android phones really lack quality to their interface designs. I expect higher quality since they are competing with Apple iPhones. Who have superior and attractive designs across most of their apps.

I would love to own the 'very popular' Hipstamatic app on my Android but I don't think they will ever produce an Android version. As I stated in my recent post regarding my friend 'Chunky' and his Hipstamatic 'Chunky Lens', I would love to get that type of performance out of my EVO 4G.

Seems like PC software maker Magix has produce a rival to set a trend in the Android App Market. I downloaded this app this morning. I will tested out at a Birthday party in NYC, later on today. I'll give you my review of it later this week. Until then, have a look, and be amazed, I am! I'd suggest you take a twirl of the app also. Download it at the Android Market!



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