February 3, 2012

Music Fix - #Madonna's New Video For 'Gimme All Your Love'

Video After The Jump
After watching this spectacular event (video) of this 'winter'... and after reviewing the leaked version of this song and the track list... I really like this video and the sound. I guess, Drew and I maybe taking 'Madge' out of the closet in our next podcast episode, #033.

Madonna goes back to the sounds of  "Beautiful Stranger", ala 'Austin Powers'. Which was a very lively and fun beat... back 'then'. We all loved it, right? I'm not going to rip her apart or the video like 'Kevin Farrell' over at  'Unicornbooty.com' did. Oh, and Manhunt's blog killed it with their review of her video, with references to saving M.I.A. in the video with 'hand signals for paper airplanes' and 'a prayer circle'. But I will give 'Madge' (a.k.a. "Marketing Spider Queen")credit for looking really good and having very good cinematic scenes as well as 'retouch'. Fun video, really... fun! A tinsy-winsy Target commercial like... but fun! Really! :)

As fans of Rapping Diva's M.I.A. and Niki Minaj, they were awesome! In the brief moments they had. Well, I'm glad I don't have to sit through the Superbowl this weekend to just to catch this song in its entirety! Here it is folks! 'Gimme All Your Love' by Madonna!



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