January 20, 2012

Dating Fix - @Grindr Hacked! Oh Dip! Your No-No Pics! #OMG!

Bat signals, alert-alert!!! Grindr has been hacked! 100,000 people's Gayest profiles are being held by some 'anonymous' hacker somewhere in the world. "Where in the world" is 'Carmen San Diego' when you really need her? Well, Unicornbooty.com broke the story today, read more about it here.

Furthermore, their article quotes some security analysis, who wished to be kept anonymous, he said that the Grindr never had any real security in its apps. Hmm... reminds me of our "Internet Dating" episode where we talked about things 'not' to do when you are meeting guys or what have you for "dates" online. People, the internet is like a foreign country, with good neighborhoods and bad ones. Please wear a "condom" at all times!

Headless shots are cool, but always have a way to get the persons face pic offline and make sure you speak over the phone before you meet them. And if you are not sure what you are getting into then meet them in a public place like 'Dunkin Donuts' or 'Starbucks'. You get my drift?

Oh, one last thing, make sure you prepare a good story if in case your photos that you shared on Grindr now gets leaked to the rest of the world. SMH...

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