October 14, 2011

Music Fix - Interview With The Band "AlunaGeorge"

As we've promised in our latest podcast on episode #019, a full feature on the band called “AlunaGeorge” is here! Since they appeared on our blog with their first video "We Are Chosen", we had to know who they were and what was happening behind the scenes.

They also caused a stir in clicks and popularity on our blog. Bouncing up and down from 4th to 3rd place in our “Popular Posts of The Week”.  For a total of 3 weeks. Oral Fix would’ve placed them at number one immediately. But our readers preferred a “Very Naked Carmen Carrera” photos by Austin Young, for a several weeks. But Carmen don’t have anything on AlunaGeorge, you know.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of their latest track at the end of the feature.


1. How would you describe your music?
A: we didnt start out with any ideas about what kind of music we wanted to make. Eventually we realised we were really enjoying putting pop melodies with r & b basslines and unusual but broadly hip hop beats.
G: Soulful songs with weird noises behind them.

2. You both bonded over your love of Radiohead; What is your favorite song by them?
A: The beauty of a band like radiohead is you don't need a favourite, there's only a few on Pablo honey that I don't listen to.
G: Pyramid Song. I still struggle with the timing of that song despite having listened to it countless times.

3. Do you ever get compared to the group "Everything But The Girl"?
A: Never
G:Does this question count as a comparison? If not then no.

4. What do you have on 'repeat' on your iPod?
A: Metronomy
G: Big Boi- Shutterbug. The beat is absolutely amazing and really unique too.

5. What inspires you?
A: Mundane things that seem incredible when u look from another perspective
G: Good music is the most common inspiration for me, that and hearing a sound be it a synth or kick drum that i'd have never thought to use.

6. What would be your theme song?
A: Heartbeats by the knife
G: Stevie Wonder - We can work it out. That intro is what is needed in all good theme songs.

7. Tell us about your your first performance?
A: It was full of excitement and alcohol but pretty simple- just me and george
G: It was fun! We did it maybe a little too soon but you've gotta start at some point. I think lots of our friends turned up to support us so that really made the night for me.

8. How has your performance changed since then?
A: Totally, now we have a full band so there more energy.
G: We have a bigger band now. Live drummer and live bassist added to Aluna and I. Much much much more fun to play live, it really feels like being in a band. The overall sound is slightly different from the record, mainly just a lot louder. The guys we've got helping us out are awesome dudes and great musicians so its all good.

9. You have listed Quincy Jones, Pharrell, and Caribou on your dream collaboration list. Who else? and Why?
A: PJ Harvey because she's incredibly versatile so i wouldnt know what to expect and Dizzy rascal because he'd show me a good time- lyrically speaking.
G: Marvin Gaye for me. What a voice, sorely missed talent plus my dad would really dig it.

10. What was your creative process for your new single 'You know You Like it' ?
A: George came up with a sick beat and baseline and I sang the first thing that came into my head and that became the chorus. The verse melody and lyrics came from an old song I'd been working on.
G: Song happened very easily, I came up with the beat and the bass line groove. Sent it to Aluna, she then hummed some melodies into her phone. We listened to them together. Worked on the chorus idea till it was right and the rest fell into place after that. REALLY wish all songs would come together as quickly as that.

11. The single "Analyser" could you tell us a little more about what you intended the song to be about?
A: I met this guy that tried to explain the theory of love to me. As i walked away thinking about what he Said I imagined being his lover trying to pursuade him to feel instead of think.

12. When can we expect your debut album?

Free Copy AlunaGeore's Track "Double Sixes"
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Debut Album - Press Release
Artist: AlunaGeorge
Release: You Know You Like It - Remix EP
Release Date: 28th November 2011
Label: Super Recordings
Website: www.alunageorge.com

AlunaGeorge are pleased to announce the release of the You Know You Like It remix EP on 28th November. The EP will feature remixes by Riton, Lapalux, Randomer, Raffertie and B-15 Project.

Following the release of 'You Know You Like It' in August, London duo AlunaGeorge have got a firm grip on the emerging UK scene, opening up the doors and leading the way with a formidable artillery of UK R&B tracks backing them with every step.

Receiving extensive support from BBC 1Xtra and Radio 1 off the back of You Know You Like It, as well as picking up fans in the shape of Mr Hudson, CocknBull Kid, Toddla T and Hudson Mohawke along the way, AlunaGeorge have been consistently raising their profile in the underground scene. The video for You Know You Like It has to date racked up over 40,000 views in little over a month -

Since the release of their debut single 'We Are Chosen/Analyser' back in May the UK R&B sound of AlunaGeorge has been freshening up the airwaves. As an excited buzz spreads across tastemaker music magazines to broadsheets, worldwide blogs to Radio 1, AlunaGeorge are garnering support from every corner. Add to this the recent development of their live show from a two piece into a full live band and AlunaGeorge are fast distinguishing themselves as a true force to be reckoned with.

The band will be performing live in London on the week of release, alongside a line-up of remixers included on the EP. Details for the event will be announced soon.



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