March 29, 2013

ORAL FIX | Former Guest And Friend Mystic Ed Passes Away

Tribute to Mystic Ed in the Express & Star 29/03/2013
Former guest on the Oral Fix podcast, a friend to myself and others in Europe and around the world, Francis Edward a.k.a. "Mystic Ed" passed away yesterday in a hospital in England. A sudden and unexpected passing. Took us all by shock and tears. I had the great privilege to be Ed and Fluffy's friend for the last five years. We me via, then to become good friends via email and Skype. Ed wed his life partner Brian Murphy a.k.a "Fluffy" in England and shared that beautiful moment in their life via their Flickr photostream. As well as other dear moments in their lives. Shared freely with the world. As he did with his genuine love for people and life.

Mystic Ed(Francis Ward), Episode #51 Cover Photo
Ed was a shining light in the darkness in many of our lives. His wisdom and advice was sought by people around the world. He and his husband Fluffy came onto the Oral Fix to share themselves and psychic expertise as Gay men last year. I won't forget when he said on the show that when we pass on and reincarnate he believed that our sexuality will remain the same. We will continue to be homosexuals. This episode scored top five of the most listened to episodes to date here on the Oral Fix podcast(episode #51). Many of his friends (including myself) mourn lack of his presence online this week. Last we heard from him he was taking a few days off from Facebook. 

A great soul indeed and will never be forgotten. Sending lots of love and light to Mystic Ed's journey on the other side  As well to his husband and friend Fluffy.

Quote from Ed's friend Thomas Stacey:
"March 10th , The beautiful soul Mystic Ed said: "Do not stand by my grave and weep, I am only in the next room, I did not die" I guess we will of course weep and some may cry a river but lets remember his wisdom and spiritual awareness that the soul never dies as well."


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