March 1, 2012

ORALTASTIC - @SSION New Video "My Love Grows In Dark"

Funky-Fabu Vidoe After The Jump
SSION is back with another video to his latest album 'Bent'(available for free download, click that link).  Known for his originality and gender bending artistic views, SSION's music and videos don't deter.  But in this latest video 'My Love Grows In The Dark' almost feels like he's paying some homage 80's Pop trio 'Culture Club'.

SSION goes all 'Boy George' like, in SSION fashion, and refers to a frozen former self from his previous video for 'Clown'. Take a look, "jump and shout"!


"The song was written about a sex club - everything is completely dark, you have to feel your way around. No one really sees me in the video, and if they do they're indifferent. I walk through this house where everyone is completely self-obsessed. This video will be part of a larger narrative of videos for the album Bent."

- Cody Critcheloe


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