June 17, 2012

Episode #050: Chit 4 Chat W/ The Cast Of 'New Dogs & New Tricks'

This week, Henry sits down for some ‘Chit 4 Chat’ with the cast of the web series ‘Old Dogs & New Tricks’. Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, David Pevsner, Amanda Abel, and Bruce Hart. Take part of the fun and laughs, tune-in.

Hosted By: Henry M. Diaz

Show Notes

Music Intro: Old Dogs & New Tricks Theme - Nic Tenbroek

Contest: Who is Henry's favorite TV Drag persona??  Frist person to respond with the right answer and why they love the Oral Fix Podcast, will win a digital copy of Dale Lazarov's, unpublished, erotic comic book 'Fancy'.
Hint: She's from a late '80s (popular) show.

Chit 4 Chat W/ The Cast Of 'Old Dogs & New Tricks'     
The Cast, Their Website

A.K.A. "Al (Muslces)"
Jeffrey Patrick Olson:
Jeffery's Website

A.K.A. "Ross Stein"
David Pevsner:
A.K.A "Nelson Van Eddy"
Bruce L. Hart:

Good Byes

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