June 15, 2012

Anime Fix - Space Stallions

Video After The Jump
Yes, I know, very gay/bisexual undertones... or perhaps OMNIsexual? This space drama has well done animation with a very fascinating '80s style.  Almost of like a tribute to Masters Of The Universes 'He-Man' and 'She-Ra'. As well with touches of Jem & The Holograms, Silver Hawks and Thundercats! This episode preview starts with the shows villain 'Destructo' abducting X-ray.  The Space Stallions find themselves dramatically defenseless. 

X-Ray's girlfriend 'Optica' starts sobbing, the chunky muscle hunks 'Ion Ray' and 'Sun Ray' start to comfort each other for moral support (well not that sexually, but hmm...), their space station/moon (Mother Stallion) is low on power, and there's no-way to form "Heatwave" with out 'X-Ray'! OMG!

I'm sorry, but the cartoon is very campy, very gay, and very well done!!! From the details on their space uniforms down to the horn(sperm) like pulsating blasts which erupt from Mother Stallion's brow! Oh, I forgot to mention the theme song and intro! Smh, I was in tears watching this. "Power the horse! Full-Force" as they rev up their space UNICORNS, in unison. Whilst space rock opera guitar music plays in the background. The rainbow synthersizer 'Sun Ray' wields in the intro is to die for! Oh if that doesn't impress you then maybe the sperm wiggly  blasts from their weapons will!

Seriously, it really wasn't my intent to sexualize this "harmless" cartoon. I LOVE IT!!! Caught me by surprise today. I want to see 'more' from Space Stallions! I read a blurb ask I search on Facebook 'Space Stallions The Movie'?? IDK, but sure would like to see it if it comes out. They are advertising a t-shirt on their Facebook fan page. So let me know what you think of the preview of Space Stallions?!


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