May 1, 2012


Video After The Jump
Don't know about y'all, but as I was tossing and turning everyday this past week, just worried about whether or not 'RuPaul' would make the right decision, to whom she would give the crown. 'Phi Phi' or 'Chad'... a thought occurred. It was a bit strange how the season started. Let's look at the clues. First, RuPaul stepped it up with a the Dragulator upgrade, version 2.0 or was it 4.0?  Doesn't matter, but you get my drift. All the Queens were all looking black and Halloween like.

Second, the first episode was all about the 'RuApocolypse', with guest host 'Elvira Mistress of Darkness'... hmmm, should I bother going onto the third clue...?  Well, I am totally satisfied with Sharon Needles winning!  As I told my friends, I would not watch RuPaul's Drag Race ever again if RuPaul chose Phi Phi O'Hara!  RuPaul listened, to me! And millions of other viewers and Tweeters!

A very charming reunion, with some shade, and 'Willam Belli'.  Yes, I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched yet.  I was disappointed to find out why Willam got disqualified; and even more disappointed that there was never any mention as to why she vomited off stage, before the disqualification.  *Grumble*  The upside, 'Latrice Royale' won the fan's choice for 'Miss Congeniality'!! WTG, 'Latrice'!! Jesus, mopped sopped you up another award, Gurrl!

'Oh hay', Phi Phi O'Hara got another tear from me. But I was so happy that the others, Jiggly Caliente and Chad Michaels didn't let her get away with being shady on national television! Though no shade should be thrown at Phi Phi, at this point. If you are still angry, there's a Facebook Group called 'Phi Phi Sashay Away' you can join. Back to the show, Ru asked Phi Phi about her father again and 'with an 'open' heart Phi Phi cried about her father's negative attitude towards her drag and participation in RPDR. A very touching moment.

Overall, the top finalist brought there best on stage. Though, I was a bit distressed with 'Chad Michaels'... as Michelle Visage taught us in season 3 of RPDR, "its all about the silhouette!" Chad, honey, what was up with the braids?? Did you really need them? Phi Phi's silhouette was gorgeous, and Sharon's was impeccable! Okay, so there you have it bitches! Famous winning words to live by from Sharon Needles:"...freak them out!" and "Happy Halloween"!!! Sharon's dress was 'die' for!!

Loved it! I just 'sopped' it all up! Hope to have this season's cast members them on the podcast for some 'Chit 4 Chat'. Hopefully sooner, rather than later! Hmm... another thought... didn't the stage kinda look a bit like a scene from 'Carrie'?? But a bit more cheerful??

May I add, it was very touching and moving to see the support and faces of all of the top 3 finalists as well as some of the other Queens family in the audience supporting them in their glory. As well as the pit crew!!! Oh WOOF-WOOF!!! Mr. Shawn Morales was more than morally good on the eyes when he brought out William on stage! I had to pause and rewind several times!!  Talk about an Andrew Christian moment! WOOF!  

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Thank you, Mother Ru!!!


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