April 21, 2012

Orally Yours - Is It A Little Too Late For Support From Mormons?

Video After The Jump
After decades upon daces of Mormons demonizing the Queer, Gays and the likes... an 'It Gets Better Video' appears. I came across this video this afternoon on Towleroad.com. My eyes welled up with tears as my heart was overwhelmed by tales from parents regarding their LGBT suicidal children; loneliness; despair; and Jesus-love.

So, why pose the question "Is it a little to late for support from the Mormons?" Well, after watching the well made documentation of Heterosexual Mormons supporting gays, I saw a response on their YouTube channel from a former 'Gay' viewer. It raised a warrant for concern on my part, and I would like to make everyone aware of... The quote from YouTube user 'loren1995':

"Wow! Too little too late. Having lived with years of expressed hatred and bigotry, I opened the door and walked away to never return. To see real people in the Mormon church realizing the tremendous damage that has been and is being done to gays is amazing. Please show gays that remain in the church Christ like love. We, on the outside, are picking up the pieces of those beautiful gay boys and girls that are cast out. No one deserves the loss of love for just being who they are."

If more and more Christian and other religious groups alike start to follow in the footsteps of the Mormons, I believe they should tread lightly. For there will be more people in the LGBTQ community that will start to feel like 'loren1995' who need a sincere and heartfelt apology to mend the damage already caused. Damage to individuals of our LGBTQ community and to the world.

Forgiveness is powerful in words , but 'action' is even greater in words and deeds.

Orally Yours, 


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