April 21, 2012

Anime Fix - Thundercats Episodes 15, 16, & 17

Videos After The Jump
So, before the spring break Thundercats re-appeared with long awaited season continuation episode 'New Alliance'. By that time Megavideo got slammed with a suit by major broadcasting networks and the likes. Most people who made recorded TV shows available on the internet stopped posting their recordings. It was difficult to follow the new Thundercats series online. So, I do apologize if it just seemed we didn't care to bother posting any updated reviews and episodes of this 'wonderful' reprised series.

Alas, I found a few reputable sites willing to let me embedded the episodes here for you. So, the next episodes of the all new Thundercats puts Lion-O through some more tests, never before seen in the old Thundercats of 1985. As well, as more brotherly fights between Tygra and Lion-O. And a mysterious secret is reveal! Well, several, but the most prized one puts the brothers in a new light. 

Some who followed the Thundercats comic book storyline will probably know this mystery, and those like myself was a bit miffed! I really wanted there to be more to the mysterious relationship between Lion-O and Tygra, but hey it not that bad. Its not like I wanted them to be 'lovers' or anything.... like some other people do... Close any pop-ups, some of you depending on your internet connection may lag on the buffering time so click play and let it load up a bit before running the full show. I know pain in the ass, but that's the sacrifice cutting the cable. Enjoy!


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