February 22, 2012

Movie Fix - Spiders In Tights, Bats & Aliens, Chains & Guns, OH MY!!!

As some of you who have been following our blog know we are fans of live comic book films and the likes. Some 'amazing' movies have and about about to hit 2012. We started off with the very short, but action packed, 'Underworld: Awakening'. Wrapping up the first two movies and giving us a desperate plea for next movie to be more than 1.5 hours of Vampires and Werewolves! 
Lined up next are aticipated movies like 'The Amazing Spider-Man'(taking after the comic book series title), Ghost Rider 2 (we didn't see this coming either), G.I. Joe 2 (we didn't see this one coming either), and the most talked about in the SciFi shadow world 'Prometheus'... directed by the guy who made the 'Alien' trilogy. 

BUT WAIT!!! 'The Bat' is returning this July with a 'Cat' in "The Dark Knight Rises"! Fasten your seat belts, because this is only the beginning of 2012 and this movie list!


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