June 1, 2012

Music Fix - Mix Of The Month 'She Male', 'Sunday Festival' Live

Dutch DJ Duo Maarten Kremer & Tahnee Cosster are the Queer group called "She Male". Since 2010 they've gained the well earned attention and recognition of Amsterdam's nightly dance floors, as well as in the Netherlands. I just happened to stumble upon them on Soundcloud.com one day and featured a mix at the beginning of this year on the blog's 'Mix Of The Week'. A mix of pop/elctro/deep house/techno and experimental twists caught my ear.

Maarten Kremer & Tahnee Cosster
I became friends instantly with the duo, as their choice of musical expression and timing are unique and longed for when it comes to superficial dance floor of the same'ole-same'ole "zombie" commercial beats. 'She Male' gave the 'Oral Fix' and exclusive 'free' download to their latest mix from the 7th 'Sunday Festival', which took place last week. The mix is so good that I had to create a new category "Mix Of The Month"!!

Follow 'She Male' (Maarten & Tahnee) at their social places on the great WWW:
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