June 4, 2012

SciFi Fix - "Big Things Have Small Beginnings" @PrometheusMovie Featurette

Beyond Madonna's latest "Nazi" like shenanigans, is Ridley Scott's Alien "prequel" movie 'Prometheus'. Set to be released in U.S. movie theaters this Friday, June 8th, 2012. Already released in the U.K. A great star studded cast that includes the beautiful and hot 'likes' of Noomi Rapace, Charliez Theron, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Patrick Wilson, and Logan Marshall-Green. The cast embarks with the ship called 'Prometheus', named after a Greek diety said to bring fire/light to humankind.

Charlies Theron as "Weyland Enterpries Rep.: Meridith"
Despite the some of the mix reviews that the movie has gotten so far, by U.K. audiences. It's unanimous that the special effects are stunning and the story is entertaining. Not to mention the performance by 'Noomi Rapace'. Also known for her lead role in Swedish version of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'. Rapace plays a lead scientist and soon becomes the heroine of the 'Prometheus' movie. Huffingtonpost.uk has a great review and interesting reader feedback. As well as Prometheus' movie IMDb profile. At some point of the Huffington Post review, Prometheus and 'Charliez Theron' "robotic" performance is compared to the short lived and old (UK) sci-fi show "Blake 7".

Michael Fassbender As "Weyland Enterprises: David"
I'm an American sci-fi geek, who had a love and hate relationship with all four of Ridley Scott's previous Alien(s) movies. I am a fan of the Alien(s) story line and set designs. I am going to see this movie regardless of the reviews. The trailers and viral campaigning for the movie have captured my heart and mind. I will not rest till I see this movie, till its 'end'. Or is it the beginning? Hmm... I won't spoil it for you with all the other juicy details I know about the movie. You decide. 

L-R: John Marshall-Green, Noomi Repace, & Michael Fassbender
Below, an extended U.S. featurette of the movie's director and maker 'Ridley Scott' and the cast. As well as the U.K. trailer and featurette with Ridley and the cast. Phenomenal!! Enjoy!


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