January 18, 2012

Oral Lash - @LanaDelRey UnJustly Critiscism For Her SNL Performance

Justified Videos After The Jump
**Update: From the time I posted this article and leaving my comment (1 hour ago) on Tiffany Lee's article page.  My comment (quoted below) has been removed by Yahoo.com. Seems like they don't want any slander against SNL made, or just don't like the truth?

Recently 'Drew' reviewed Lana's recent performance on SNL. At first I thought it was harsh. He thought she bombed from jitters or lack or enthusiasm. I [Henry] believe that's part of Lana's act, not being enthusiastic. Portraying the modern girl/woman "who has it all". As you can see in her previous performances. Recently a journalist at Yahoo.com 'Tiffanny Lee' outlandishly slammed Lana Del Rey's performance on SNL in her article. Which made the homepage headlines. She wrote a classic hogwash of a piece! Which I didn't agree with.

Facts are facts, but when you compile them together to ruin someone's career just for points for your boss (Yahoo.com) then you should also note any possible variants of truth as well. Give people room (links) to believe that this is a real 'person'. Then people have a choice in believing you and trusting you as a source of information. I am coming to a place where I will have to disregard what journalists on sites like Yahoo.com write about others just to keep 'tabloid' minded people coming back.

'Tiffany' could've used this video to portray Lana as a loved and recognized artist among humans:

If you go on Youtube and look up her performances recorded by fans, you'll see a very different 'person' than the one painted by Tiffany Lee, at Yahoo.com and others of the sort. Mizz Lee goes on in her article and kinda gives some balance (credit to Lana) to her article to defend "poor" Lana Del Rey, but I still believe it was an evil cruel article. As I stated in response to Mizz Lee's article, and completely stand firm on my opinion:

"Her performance wasn't the greatest as her past performances on other show. But given SNL track record with having sound problems and other technical issues, I blamed them from the start. Yes Lana seemed nervous.

But who was to blame there? The mic sound level was off! I noticed that from her first performance and then her last on SNL. SNL even messed up on Florence and The Machine's sound. Even Florence didn't seem herself.

If you take a hard look at all the other performers that have graced SNL stage you'll see a common trend of uncomfortably shared among them. As well as sound issues. This article and other criticisms like it are just too harsh for a new performer, who's proven to herself as a live entertainer in the past."

Orally yours,

I loved this perfomance!!!


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